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Millions in Bangladesh spend hours, labouring hard in all weathers on their farms.

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We have been in the business since 1986. We have seen worst and best, profit and loss, Ups and down but still we survive and hold a reputed positions in the fruit’s industry. And the only reason behind all of this is our business transparency and trust. Our motive is to maintain the relationship with our suppliers, producers and buyers based on trust and transparency.

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We import wide line of fruits from different region of the world. Our extensive line of fruits and strong suppliers’ connections help us to run the import sector throughout the year.


The sector is under operation right now. We are trying to operating in full swing from the very next year. We knew the high demand of our Bangladeshi local fruits and Jute Products in different region of the world and we are working to step in this field with our highest capacity.

Modern agriculture practices

The ultimate melting pot of science,
age-old tradition, and creativity!

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Our most significant guarantee is a high-quality, durable product or service, that will last you a long time than alternatives, at highly affordable prices. Plus, they're easy to handle and straightforward to use, yet they can do a considerable amount of functions.

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